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The perfect serve every time

Each cocktail that flows from the tap tastes as good as the last. Our cocktails are carefully mixed in our workshop, and we check each new batch to guarantee consistent quality. So, glass after glass, you tap the same quality.
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More profit, less costs

Cocktails on tap, that’s the best of both worlds. Served quickly, without cutting your margins. Plus, you save on labour costs and need to stock fewer ingredients.

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Feedback from top bartenders

We have each recipe tasted by top bartenders and chefs, in order to come up with the best possible cocktails. And we work only with high-quality spirits, natural juices and aromas.

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Eco-friendly packaging

DORST takes care of the environment. Besides reducing packaging material by purchasing raw materials in bulk, our Keykeg kegs are 100% recycled into new barrels according to the 'circular economy' principle.

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Serve up to 8x faster

Making cocktails is stressful and time-consuming precision work. But it doesn't have to be that way. With DORST, you serve your customers faster and more efficiently - and your bartender doesn't have to be a cocktail expert to steal the show. Ice, garnish, and ready!

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Exclusively for horeca and events
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Bars, Hotels & Restaurants
Avoid long waiting times for your customers and still offer an attractive and tasty cocktail assortment. Yes you can! No hassle behind the bar, served up to 8 times faster, tapped to the last drop and with very little preparation. Everything can be connected to an existing system or we can provide a mobile or built-in solution.
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Events, Festivals & Summer bars
Serving quality cocktails at events is not easy. Besides expertise from your staff, it also requires a lot of preparation and can lead to longer waiting times due to the various handling steps. We solve this problem efficiently because with DORST - cocktails on tap - you can serve your visitors the perfect cocktails in no time.
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FAQ | Dorst
  • What is the shelf life of our cocktails?
    Once opened, we advice consuming the cocktails within 2 months. For the Aperitivo Spritz and Virgin Mojito we advice 1 month. Unopened, we advice consuming the cocktails within 18 months, as long as they are stored in a cool and dry place
  • What kind of tap system do I need?
    Our cocktail kegs can be connected to any type of tap system, provided you have a Keykeg coupling (available from us). At large events we provide mobile tap installations, while in bars and restaurants we can provide a built-in tap installation. Be sure to contact us to discuss this further.
  • How do the cocktails stay preserved in a keg?
    The cocktails are stored in innovative KeyKegs, which have a vacuum bag inside; a system called Bag-in-Ball. This allows you to drain it to the last drop and prevents the drink from being exposed to carbon or air and light, which preserves it for much longer than traditional stainless steel kegs.
  • Will I have less waste with cocktails on tap?
    Yes, there is less wastage than when you make them manually. The kegs are emptied completely, while at end of the day, there are no remnants to be thrown out.
  • Is serving cocktails on tap sustainable?
    The minimal use of packaging materials makes it more sustainable than when cocktails are made manually and require various bottles.
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