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Quality & Consistency

Our cocktails are carefully measured and put together in our studio, so that we can always guarantee the same quality for every glass. The perfect serve, again and again!
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More profit, more smiles

Cocktails are trending and being sold at a premium price, which allows you to create more revenue quickly. On top of that, with our ready-made cocktails, you also save in labour costs and you have 100% control of your stock and waste management.

Piece of cake

Our cocktails are available in kegs and bottles, which literally allows anyone to serve a quality cocktail in a flash. Simply chill, pour over ice, and garnish!

Our mocktails tested by Sam De Bruyn!

Sam De Bruyn served as a true guinea pig for one of our mocktails at Rodeneuzendag (“Red Nose Day”). Curious what he thought of it? Watch the video!

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We got your business covered!
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Bars & Restaurants
Serving cocktails in a bar or restaurant can be time-consuming. With DORST cocktails, you can serve your customers faster and more efficiently, while eliminating frantic work behind the bar. Plus, your bar staff do not need to be true cocktail experts to steal the show.
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Events & Festivals
Serving high-quality cocktails in the madness of a festival or event is often very challenging. It requires a lot of preparation in advance, trained bar staff and fast service. With DORST cocktails, you can serve quality cocktails in a flash, so that you have a lot less to worry about behind the bar, while your visitors enjoy a unique taste experience.
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  • How do the cocktails stay preserved in a keg?
    The cocktails are stored in innovative KeyKegs, which have a vacuum bag inside; a system called Bag-in-Ball. This allows you to drain it to the last drop and prevents the drink from being exposed to carbon or air and light, which preserves it for much longer than traditional stainless steel kegs.
  • How long will the cocktails keep after hooking up a keg?
    The flavour will stay in perfect condition for at least a month after you hook up the keg
  • Will I have to make big changes to the bar?
    If the bar has a dispensing unit that is not being used it is really easy to hook up to this. We also offer this service at DORST. If there is no dispensing unit, a new tap can be added to the bar. Or you can use our bottles. Be sure to contact us for more info.
  • Will I have less waste with cocktails on tap?
    Yes, there is less wastage than when you make them manually. The kegs are emptied completely, while at end of the day, there are no remnants to be thrown out.
  • Is serving cocktails on tap sustainable?
    The minimal use of packaging materials makes it more sustainable than when cocktails are made manually and require various bottles.
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