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Millie’s Resto-Bar

Millie’s Resto-Bar is an original food(-sharing) concept where fresh grain products and a passion for baking are the focus. You will be enchanted not only by the delicious dishes, but undoubtedly also by the warm family story of the miller’s daughter Millie. Millie’s Resto-Bar stands for informal enjoyment of home-made treats and a DORST cocktail (virgin version if you prefer) should be part of that, of course! Speaker: Lore, Manager Millie’s-Resto Bar
Cocktail tasting

At Millie's you can enjoy a fresh cocktail in a cosy setting with a delicious homemade snack. The team got acquainted with DORST cocktails by tasting them themselves and soon became interested in how to serve the right cocktails in the right way. "In Millie's start-up phase we got a few samples from DORST. After tasting the cocktails, we decided to start collaborating with them," says Lore.

For us, the greatest benefit is that the cocktails are completely ready-to-serve. This allows us to offer a varied cocktail menu and still guarantee the same unity and quality. Plus, we can work with a multifunctional team and we don’t have the problem of, for example a Mojito that is too sweet or too watery. We wanted to be able to serve tasty cocktails, preferably in an efficient way. DORST seemed to us like the best option for this,” she explains.

“At Millie's, we can offer a variety of cocktails, all of the same quality.”

Before they got to know the concept of DORST at Millie's, they didn't really know about the existence of cocktails on tap: "When it was introduced to us, it seemed like a pretty good idea. After we tasted the samples, we planned a separate tasting session and then the circle was complete. We saw the added value: instead of a complicated process, we could now serve a good cocktail efficiently and quickly.

The cocktails also fit in perfectly with Millie's cosy setting: customers can choose from our varied range of cocktails and enjoy them with one of our signature appetizers. A great way to enjoy your lunch or dinner. The cocktails (alcoholic or virgin) are also ideal to serve with a business lunch. Plus, we can guarantee the same cocktail quality every day.

DORST cocktails

“I think the flavour of the cocktails is great," says Lore. "You taste the alcohol in them without it dominating and that's important for a cocktail, because you often get diluted drinks that have only a tiny bit of alcohol in them," she describes. "I particularly like the Moscow Mule. The non-alcoholic Ginger&Grapefruit is a special one, because of its ginger flavour. It's also great that the assortment is big enough that we can alternate the drinks. For example, we have the Strawberry Daiquiri as a suggestion right now, but next month we may choose a different suggestion. We are also excited about the expansion of the non-alcoholic selections.

“The DORST cocktails fit in perfectly with the cosy setting at Millie’s.”

DORST provides custom how-to-serve instructions for each cocktail, with tips for the garnish. "I really liked the instructions we got with every cocktail. They also help us to estimate how much we need to order for garnishes," says Lore.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, there are also benefits to having cocktails in kegs: "First of all, they are easy to stack and that's very convenient in terms of storage space. Secondly, the barrels have a long shelf life and the best thing about it is that nothing ever disappears into the bin this way".

“And it’s so easy for our staff to deal with: put ice in a glass, put in the cocktail on tap and add garnish.”

An important advantage of cocktails on tap is speed. This was quickly noted at Millie's: "It doesn't take an expert to see that cocktails on tap are ready much faster". Lore also considers the ease of use to be a plus: "In terms of operations for the staff, it is very simple: put ice in a glass, add cocktails from the kegs and add garnish. No one has to do any shaking or mixing. That would only make the process more complex and it requires a trained bartender. Keep it simple!”

Recap, why Millie's opts for DORST:
  • Working with a multifunctional team; no cocktail experience required
  • Always consistent flavour
  • Long shelf life of the kegs
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