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MOJITO 752 2 | Dorst
Cocktail #1
Classic Mojito
The Classic Mojito is a playful mixture of fresh mint, lime juice and rum. This Cuban cocktail is a timeless classic and tastes best while relaxing in a hammock, looking out onto the Caribbean Sea.
Cocktail #2
Strawberry Daiquiri
The Strawberry Daiquiri is a popular, fruity cocktail made with strawberries, white rum and lime juice. The perfect, refreshing drink for anyone with a sweet tooth!
MOSCOW MULE 749 1 | Dorst
Cocktail #3
Moscow Mule
The Moscow Mule is a fiery mix of natural ginger, fresh lime and vodka. The cocktail is known for its spicy yet refreshing character.
Pineapple Lime | Dorst
Cocktail #4
Pineapple & Lime
The Pineapple & Lime Mocktail is a tropical mix of sweet pineapple and fresh lime, with an added touch of chili. Enjoy the taste of a sultry summer’s day when you drink this this alcohol-free alternative.
Amy shamblen bqjy Fm32 HDM unsplash | Dorst
Expertly Crafted
A good cocktail requires the right ingredients and the requisite expertise. That is why we collaborate with various bartenders, chefs, and taste experts to craft our cocktails in a balanced way. All the recipes are carefully created in our in-house studio, where we continually strive to craft the best cocktails possible.
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Jonge ondernemers tappen mojito’s van het vat
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Belg tapt mojito van het vat
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Eén mojito van 't vat, alstublieft! Jonge ondernemers komen met cocktails uit de tapkraan
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