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01 MOJITO | Dorst
Cocktail #1
Classic Mojito
A summery combo of white rum, fresh mint, lime juice, cane sugar and look there: Cuba!
08 SPRITZ | Dorst
Cocktail #2
Aperol Spritz
Well hello, Venice! A classic Italian aperitif made from sparkling white wine, Aperol, and soda water.
Cocktail #3
Espresso Martini
A silky blend of vodka, arabica espresso, and a hint of salted butter.
Cocktail #4
Pornstar Martini
A tropical blend of vodka, passion fruit juice, bourbon vanilla, and lime juice
04 MOSCOW MULE new | Dorst
Cocktail #5
Moscow Mule
A spicy and refreshing combo of vodka, natural ginger, lime juice, cane sugar, and angostura bitters.
Vic productie | Dorst
Feedback from top bartenders
A good cocktail requires the right ingredients and the necessary expertise. That's why we have top bartenders and chefs taste every recipe, to come up with the best possible cocktails. We mix everything carefully in our workshop and check every new batch in-house, so that the same taste is guaranteed glass after glass.
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